Power League

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Katy Volleyball Academy will offer it’s Fall 2022 version of the very popular and successful KV A Power League for all players (new and returning) on Saturday September 10 at 9 AM. All players will then be assigned to either Monday September 12 or Wednesday September 14, and then all p[layters will return on Saturday, September 17.

After these evaluations, players will be divided into divisions based on skill, and then placed on teams within that division.. It is very important for your daughter to attend these evaluation sessions.

Teams will begin practicing on Saturday September 24, and continue a schedule of either Monday – Saturday or Wednesday – Saturday for the remainder of the season.

PAYMENT: The cost for the season will be $210 if paid by check, cash, or money order . If paid by credit card, the total cost will be $$220. At checkout, you can select either pay by credit card or pay by check. You can bring checks, cash, or money orders in the amount of $210 to the 1st practice to avoid the $10 convenience fee. 

NOTE: 4th graders that have never played in the league should select “pay by check”, and postpone payment until after evaluations. Depending on the way the math works, some 4th graders may be asked to participate in the Junior Training program, then return to tryout for the Power League in the Spring.

This program provides more hours of training and competition than other youth volleyball programs in the area, even though the cost is very similar, and often lower. All activities take place at the FWA gym, 2225 Porter Road.

We hope you will consider helping as a coach co-coach or assistant coach. We do need parents to assist in order to keep the prices low. Without parent volunteers, the price would have to be increased substantially. We have been following this format for years, and it has been highly successful. We will provide training materials, drills, practice outlines, and Head Coaches to help with instruction. It will be FUN, and your efforts will be greatly appreciated!

Don’t stress about the evaluation process! We will offer spots to as many players as possible.

The KVA Power League for players in 4th through 6th grades has been in existence for almost 20 years. There is a season in the Spring and a season in the Fall. 

Through a series of evaluations, players are put into divisions based on skill level, then those divisions are split into equally balanced teams. Teams practice one time per week (twice in the early weeks), then compete against the other teams once per week.

The focus of the Power League is skill advancement, in both personal and team skills. The rules by which the league competes are intended to teach players the proper fundamentals and strategies. By doing this, the KVA Power League has helped provide a very solid foundation in the game of volleyball that prepares the players for Junior High tryouts in 7th grade. Over the years for many of the players in the league have gone on to play volleyball in the Katy area at the high school varsity level and even beyond. 

The cost for the Fall 2022 season will be $210. Registration will open in early August. 

If you have questions, email jimmy@katyvolleyball.com