The fee for the basic 2022-2023 season will be $1,350. The deposit of $25o is due at tryouts, with payments of $200 due in October through January, then payments of $150 in February and March.

NOTE: this is for the BASIC season only. The fee schedule for teams with an expanded season will be customized to include the additional tournaments.

The deposit of $250 is due immediately upon acceptance of an offered position. Don’t forget that this deposit is non-refundable.  You have some options as far as method of payment.  

1. Mail a personal check in the amount of $250, payable to KVA to: Jimmy Botter
2211 Porter Rd.
Katy, TX. 77493

2. Mail a money order in the amount of $250, payable to KVA (please make sure you fill in this part, and be sure to keep the purchase receipt!) to:

Jimmy Botter
2211 Porter Rd.
Katy, TX. 77493

3. Pay online using a credit card. Please do not pay the deposit by credit card until AFTER your daughter has been offered a roster spot, as convenience fees cannot be refunded. There is a convenience fee of $10.50 to use this method, so your total charge to your card will be $260.50 for the deposit, as compared to $250 if you pay by check or money order. To pay by card, go to our registration page at

You will need to log in to your registration account, the same one you used to register for tryouts. 

If you have more than 1 daughter involved with KVA, select the appropriate player, Click on “Programs Available”. You should see 2021-2022 Attack Credit Card Payments, $250 initial deposit. Enroll in the payment program for the deposit by selecting this division. When you enroll, the $250 will be added to your balance due.

Go to the checkout section and input the required information. For those that want to continue to pay the monthly fees using a card, there will be a similar option for each monthly payment.