Registration is now open for our Attack tryouts for the 23-24 season! To register for any KVA program, Visit our Registration page. If you do not have a registration account with KVA, please create one with a parent as user, then addd your daughter as a participant. Email addresses and phone numbers should be your, not your daughters.

The registration program should place her in the age group one year higher than her playing age for the current 22-23 season. If you think she is placed incorrectly, please email

For the 22-23 USAV season all of our teams began with what we called a “basic season”, and then we gave options to the parents to increase the number of tournaments and extend the season. As it turned out, all of the parents wanted more than the basic season that we were offering. Tournaments were added for all teams, some including tournaments in San Antonio and Dallas. We also provided access to the HUDL program for almost all teams from 13U and older. So, for the 23-24 season we are going to begin with what we now believe parents are actually looking for, based on interest shown in the 22-23 season. In addition, we plan to upgrade our uniform package to better represent KVA both locally and on the road while enhancing comfort to meet the needs of our athletes.

Schedules will vary a bit depending on team placement, but all teams will play an extended schedule this coming season as compared to last season. We will be adding the Cross Court Classic, as well as a couple of additional local events. We are not planning any tournaments that will require flying, but we will be including some tournaments that are not in the greater Houston area, such as the Lone Star Classic in Dallas. Top teams will extend to the Lone Star Regional Championships, usually in Late April or early May.

Here is an overview of what the fees will be:

12U – $1,750, with an option to extend to Regionals if parents are interested
13U and older – $2,250 to $2,550, depending on team placement. Top teams in each age will participate in HUDL and Regional, 2nd teams in each age will have the option to upgrade to HUDL and/or Region based on parental interest.

While these fees are increases as compared to our schedule for 22-23, they are actually very close to what our teams ended up paying this season after adding the optional tournaments chosen by the parents. With these additions, as well as upgrading uniforms, we still feel like KVA Attack offers an exceptional value when compared to the $4,000 to $6,000 that other clubs in the area are choosing. We provide solid, consistent coaching lots with of touches and repetitions, and our teams continue to be competitive each season, finishing near the top of Power League standings and playing in medal matches in both local and out of town tournaments.

Our first tryout will be June 25th, from 2 to 6 PM. 12U, 13U, & 14U will tryout from 2 – 4 PM. 15u and older will tryout from 4 – 6 PM. The tryout fee will be $50. You can pay this by credit card when you register (convenience fees will be added), or by Venmo, cash, or check. For all options other than credit card, select “pay by check” when registering. To pay by Venmo, the fee is $51, payable to @katyvolleyball. We will also collect cash and check payments the day of tryouts. We will offer an additional tryout in July, date and time TBD. Even if your daughter is not available on June 25, but you want her to tryout at a later date, please go ahead and register her so we can keep you updated.

Thanks for your interest in KVA! We hope that you will consider being a part of the KVA family for the 23-24 season!

Feel free to email myself ( or Brittny (  if you have questions.

Jimmy Botter

Please note: practices will not begin until mid November, after the school season is finished, and the season will continue through late March or early April.