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Programs we offer

NEXT UP! The following programs will begin soon. Check the appropriate pages for more details.

Spring Power League: Registration is open


Spring Junior Training
Spring Junior High League

KVA has developed a natural step by step program to help develop players. See below for information about the following:

Private & group lessons
Junior Training, 2nd – 4th grade
Power League, 4th – 6th grades
Competitive Club , 5th grade & up
winter & spring training, 4th grade & up
Beach training, 7th grade & up


To register a player for any KVA program, click on “Registration Page” in the navigation menu on the right.

If you have any problems with the registration process, please email jimmy@katyvolleyball.com

FALL AND SPRING JUNIOR TRAINING: 2nd-4th graders now have a chance to play in our Fall & Spring Junior Training programs. This is a non-tryout training program available to a limited number of participants. The fee is $115 and the season will last approximately 8 weeks.

Sessions will begin with a focus on training in individual skills, with contests utilizing those skills. We will progress into team concepts, and include team competitions when the players are ready for actual game situations.

For more information, visit our Junior Training page.

Besides our camp opportunities, the first step for 4th-6th graders is to tryout and take part in the Fall and Spring Power League. Cost for Power League is $180, and the season is approximately 8 weeks long. It involves 1 practice per week and 1 competition day per week. A numbered Tshirt is given for competition.

Sessions will begin with a focus on training in personal skills and team concepts, and include team competitions when the players are ready for actual game situations.

For more information, visit our Power League page.

The most advanced and competitive step in a players development is the KVA Club season. The tryout process and selection is even tougher, with only the most developed and competitive girls receiving roster positions on a KVA team. These teams also compete in the USAV sanctioned tournaments, and will involve a little more travel. Cost for participation on one of our USAV teams is $2300, plus a fee of $40 to register with USAV. The season will last approximately 5 months, from mid November to mid April. Players receive 2 jerseys, 2 pair of spandex, socks, kneepads, a full warmup, and travel bag. They will practice twice a week and play in 2 tournaments per month. Teams will primarily play in local tournaments, but all teams will travel to Dallas late in the season.

For more information, visit the Club section of our website.


Perfect for the athlete who plays various sports and cannot commit to a full season of club. Intense training in personal skills and some team concepts. 7th Grade and up only. Fee for 10 sessions, 2 hours each, is $300.

Several of our coaches are available for private, semi-private (2 players) and group (3 or more players) lessons. Email jimmy@katyvolleyball.com if you are interested in private or small group instruction. Coaches set their own rates, but for planning purposes, here are the approximate costs. Prices shown are per player.

number of players                      1 hour                               1.5 hours
1                                              $50 – $60                           $70 – $90
2                                              $35  – $45                          $50 – $70
3                                              $25  – $35                          $35 – $50
4 or more                                 $20 – $30                           $30 – $45

SAND TRAINING: Players will work on the skills and strategies used when playing doubles, outdoors, in sand. Email jimmy@katyvolleyball.com or call (281) 391-4121 for more details.