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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament schedule and maps : Most tournament information is not released until late Wednesday before the tournament. As soon as we receive it, we will copy off the information and pass along this information by way of our website. Occasionally, we receive last minute changes due to teams withdrawing. We will get these changes to you by phone ASAP.

Packing for tournaments: Bring your entire uniform!!! Both numbered shirts, spandex, warm ups, kneepads, volleyball shoes, KVA issued socks, comfortable seating, blanket and pillow, nutritional snacks, bottled water, lunch food, and money for concessions and/or tournament T-shirts.


What should my daughter expect while at tournamentsYour team coach will assign the time for your daughter to report to her designated court. She will be expected to be there BEFORE that assigned time. She should be there ready to play, which means shoes and socks on, kneepads up, contacts in, and important business already taken care of. (restroom visit)


Food recommendations:We will recommend that they eat nutritional foods in small amounts throughout the day, while competing. They will need to eat valuable fuels late in the day when players tend to become tired. Granola bars, yogurt, bananas, etc. We ask that they stay away from high sugar foods. Most teams will pool together to set up a table and provide food and drinks for the day.


Out of town tournaments: We recommend a curfew for the players, and that they get up early enough to allow plenty of time to “wake up”. Some teams draw early morning games. Coaches will assign a time at out of town tournaments for their players to be in their hotel rooms and unwinding for the day.


Any last things expected of my daughter while at tournaments: Club tournaments require that we provide a down referee, keep the official scorebook, and call lines at some of the games. Your or your daughter will be expected to help in some capacity. We require that all players stay until all of our responsibilities are taken care of. If your team is assigned to officiate the court for the last game, all players will stay until the game is over. Failure to do so for any reason will affect playing time at the next tournament. If we are assigned the first game, all players will be expected to arrive on time to help in whatever capacity they are asked.


What if there is a conflict in my schedule and a scheduled tournament?If given advance notice, other parents will be willing to help get your daughter to and from tournaments. Share the arrangements with your coach and team mom.


Hotel and out of town recommendations:First, just plan on being there.Once you have settled in at the hotel, phone the front desk and have them connect you to your coach’s room. If they have not arrived, leave a message with the front desk giving your room number. When they arrive, they will call you and set up a time and place for a team meeting. At this meeting, you will be given the information for the following morning. Each night, you should confirm the next day schedule with your coach before going to sleep.

Hotel arrangements on out of town trips: KVA will attempt to reserve a block of rooms near the expected playing site. These rooms will be on a first-come basis. You will need to call as soon as this information is given to you. Request a room within the KVA block, confirm the rate, and give them your credit card information. After a certain date and time, all unclaimed rooms will be released. Keep your confirmation number. The reservation will cost you nothing until you check in. It is your responsibility to find out their cancellation policy, and contact them within the required amount of time to cancel. You are not required to stay with the team. You may find your own lodging, or stay with friends or family, as long as your coach has a means of contacting you.


Other hotel important facts: We will attempt to secure hotels that will provide some type of breakfast, although that is not always possible. For the larger tournaments, most host clubs are booking all the hotel rooms within a 30 mile radius, thus causing KVA to have to utilize rooms available. It is the responsibility of each parent to provide your family and daughters meals. Please make sure you ask the hotel what special comps are provided.


Qualifying Tournaments: If any given team qualifies at a Qualifier Tournament, serious consideration will be given to send them to the Junior Olympic event. This expense is not a part of the regular club fee. If you accept a position on one of our top teams, you also accept the responsibility to make sure your daughter is able to attend the event with the team. You also will need to help with fundraisers to help reduce out of pocket expenses for the entire team.