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Club Volleyball

KVA CLUB SEASON announcement:

For the 17/18 Club Volleyball season, KVA introduced a special program for the very first time. Our ATTACK program, basically a “no frills” version of the normal club volleyball program, was VERY well received by the parents and players that participated in the inaugural season. We were able to provide training to many young ladies that weren’t getting much time on the court except what they got at school. We were excited about the season from the first day of tryouts, when we had a lot more players show up than we were expecting!

This year we have made a major decision, which hasn’t been an easy one, but feels like the right one. With so many clubs in the Katy area providing the typical club volleyball experience, we have decided to focus on our ATTACK program for the 18/19 season. We want to provide an opportunity for extra training for even more players that for whatever reason do not participate in a full-fledged club program. For this reason, we will not offer our full club volleyball season this year. There are plenty of other clubs offering that option, so anyone wanting that type of program should not have a problem finding one.

For those that have placed their daughter in our club program in the past, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of her training. We appreciate the opportunity!

NOTE: Our club tryouts to be held on July 1 and July 15 are cancelled, and all players that are registered and have paid will get a full refund. ATTACK tryouts, for those interested, will take place in the Fall.

The KVA ATTACK program still offers 2 practices per week, but competes in fewer tournaments, with all of them being local, so there are absolutely NO out of town travel expenses added to the cost of the program, for either the players or the parents. The total cost for the program will be approximately $1,000, which is less than half the cost of most of the clubs in the area, and MUCH less than half the cost of many of them.

If you are interested in more information about our ATTACK program, check out the KVA ATTACK page. To be informed about the ATTACK tryouts, email jimmy@katyvolleyball.com, or call (281) 391-4121.