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Club Volleyball


The most advanced and competitive step in a players development is the KVA Club season. The tryout process and selection is even tougher, with only the most developed and competitive girls receiving roster positions on a KVA team. These teams also compete in  USAV sanctioned tournaments, and will involve a little more travel. Cost for participation on one of our USAV teams is $2,300, plus a fee of $40 to register with USAV. We do offer a monthly payment plan. The season will last approximately 5 months, from mid November to mid April. Players receive 2 jerseys, 1 pair of spandex, kneepads, a full warmup, and travel bag. They will practice twice a week and play in an average of 2 tournaments per month. Teams will primarily play in local tournaments, but all teams will travel to Dallas late in the season, and if scheduling permits, will also go to an early tournament in New Orleans.

KVA will offer tryouts for it’s 2018 – 2019 USAV full season Club Volleyball teams on Sunday, July 1, 2017. (For younger players, this is NOT the same as the KVA Power League, it is a more competitive program, AND more money!)

The official playing age is not your daughter’s current age, it is the age she will be on August 31 of 2019. You will be directed to the correct age group based on her date of birth. (here is how it works out…… if your daughter has a birthday between now and September 1, her playing age will be 2 years older than her current age. If her next birthday is September 1 or later, her playing age will be 1 year older than her current age)

The tryout fee is $50. Those that try out will need to be prepared to present an initial deposit of $500 upon checking in. This deposit will only be processed if a position is offered AND accepted. Upon acceptance of a roster position, this deposit becomes non-refundable immediately.

Players in the 14U and younger age groups will try out from 2 to 4 PM. Players in the 15U and older age groups will try out from 4 to 6 PM.

We will conduct a make up tryout on Sunday, July 15, at 2 PM for all ages. Players may attend both tryouts if desired.